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Succeeding as...: a Hospital Doctor, 3rd edn

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Succeeding as... a Hospital Doctor, 3rd edn

By Roger S Kirby and
Tony Mundy

Published 2007

240 pages

ISBN 978-1-903734-79-7



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The road to success, it is said, is always under construction. The aim of this book is to help you build your own road.

Credibility, recognition and the respect of colleagues and patients do not come with the job – you have to know how to achieve them. Succeeding as a Hospital Doctor contains a wealth of experience and advice to guide you through the training maze, into your consultant post and beyond.

This third edition has been revised, expanded and largely rewritten, with new contributors and a complete new chapter on Modernising Medical Careers by its architect Professor Alan Crockard. Practical hints on everything from obtaining research grants to managing your private practice, from communicating effectively to understanding the major issues facing the NHS today, are covered comprehensively by the authors, and reinforced by personal insights from some of the UK’s most eminent practitioners. Every medical student, every junior doctor, every new and established consultant will find much to enhance his or her skills in this extremely readable book.


Training for success: Background; MMC and the new shape of postgraduate training; The foundation programme; Specialty (run-through) training; Training once you are on the Specialist Register; Academic training; Managing your medical career

Research: At trainee level; Funding at more senior level; Writing up; Supervising a research project; Projects sponsored by pharmaceutical companies; Avoiding the pitfalls

Making your mark in the NHS: Striving for continued success; Finding your focus; Taking control; Increasing your clinical expertise; Managing your time; Working as part of a team; Leadership skills; Learning from criticism

Making your name in private practice: The formative stages; Getting started; Staff; Working with colleagues; Marketing your practice; Dealing with private patients; Financial dealings; Using the latest technology; Dealing with insurance companies; Avoiding the pitfalls 

Effective communication: Talking to your patients; Breaking bad news; Communicating with colleagues and managers; Dealing with the media; Making oral presentations; Poster presentations; Chairing small meetings and committees; Chairing academic sessions; Publications

Crisis management: Complaints from patients or relatives; Difficult colleagues; Sexual harrassment; Racial and sexual discrimination; Bullying ; Risk management; Dealing with the media following a crisis; Reducing medical errors

Clinical governance and self-regulation: Defining clinical governance; The pillars of clinical governance; Revalidation of doctors' registration; Your part in clinical governance

Management: The business of health; Understanding the management structure; How to manage; Working with your manager colleagues; Pride and prejudice

Finance: The early years; The middle years; Retirement

Hiring and firing: Choosing the right person; Recruitment and staff contracts; Good employment practice; When things go wrong; Getting help

Medicolegal matters: Patient rights; Confidentiality; Consent; Regulation and discipline of doctors; Civil litigation; Tort of breach of statutory duty; Criminal matters; Coroners' inquests

The NHS: present and future: Department of Health; The NHS Plan; The future - a change in culture 

Success in medicine: voices of experience

Useful addresses 


The authors

Roger S Kirby

Professor of Urology, Director, The Prostate Centre, London, UK

Tony Mundy

Professor of Urology, University of London; Medical Director, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK


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