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Patient Pictures: End-Stage Renal Failure

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Patient Pictures: End-Stage Renal Failure

By Richard Smith

Published 2002

70 pages, 32 illustrations

ISBN 978-1-899541-58-4




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The treatment required in end-stage renal failure makes great demands of patients but, with increased understanding of their disease, it is possible for them to lead a full and active life. This book will help health practitioners in dialysis and transplant units to educate their patients and to encourage compliance with and liberation from the treatment regimens required.

The specialized nature of the treatment and the close contact between patient and renal unit can often make the general practitioner feel peripheral to the care of patients with renal failure. This book will also help general practitioners in the care and education of these patients.


The kidneys
What do the kidneys do?
The kidneys and blood pressure
Symptoms and signs of kidney failure
Testing for kidney failure
Keeping bones healthy
Life on dialysis
What is dialysis?
CAPD: catheter insertion
CAPD: the procedure
CAPD: complications
Haemodialysis: temporary lines
Haemodialysis: fistulas and grafts
Haemodialysis: the procedure
Haemodialysis: complications
Fluid balance
Dry weight
Kidney transplantation
Finding a suitable kidney
Kidney transplantation: admission
Kidney transplantation: the operation
Kidney transplantation: after the operation
Kidney transplantation: follow-up
Kidney transplantation: drug treatment
Kidney transplantation: creatinine level
Kidney transplantation: treating rejection
Kidney transplantation: complications
Medication in kidney failure
Medication in transplant patients 


The author

Richard Smith

MRCP PhD Consultant Senior Lecturer in Renal Medicine, Academic Renal Unit, University of Bristol, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK


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