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The Fast Facts team prides itself on knowing what its readers want. We know they still love books and will do for a long time to come. But we also know that they want choice. They want convenience. They want to decide how they access Fast Facts content. How do we know this? They tell us.


Fast Facts, flexible formats. Licence content for your website or sponsored ebook or app


Demand for Fast Facts in digital formats is increasing rapidly, and more and more of our clients ask us how Fast Facts content can help them with their digital strategy.

Here are a few suggestions but this isn’t a finite list. Share your digital challenges, and we’ll propose and quote for new ways our premium content can help you do something special in healthcare – that works. Contact the team today on +44 (0)1235 523233 or email


Licensed content for your website

Are you building a new website for a discerning professional audience? Does your current website need something extra? Competition for your target audience’s attention is high. So what will differentiate you from the competition?

Highly respected, refreshingly readable content, authored by at least two international experts in the field can give you the edge.

Licensing our content is quick and easy. Example:


License content for your website


Avoid the ‘so what?’ factor and give your audience something they will really value that will bring them back to your site again and again.


Branded ebooks for iPads and eReaders

Fast Facts and Patient Pictures content looks great on the larger screen of the iPad and other tablet devices. Choose from one of our 72 Fast Facts titles, and we’ll brand the cover with your logo, reinforcing your company’s commitment to quality education, increasing disease awareness and promoting best practice. Both country and global exclusivity is negotiable.


Fast Facts on the iPad


Sponsored apps for smartphones

Mobile apps are ideally suited to a shorter bite-size educational experience, something a healthcare professional can do in a quiet moment at work or on the train home.

You could sponsor an app, or if you’d like to use our Fast Facts or Patient Pictures content in an app you’re building yourself, please let us know.


Fast Facts mobile app





• Fast tests

• Educational games

• Disease awareness references

• Picture library






Picture licensing

Get your message across simply and effectively with tried and tested Fast Facts and Patient Pictures illustrations: ideal for use on patient leaflets, posters and PowerPoint slides. For a quick quote on pictures of interest call +44 (0)1235 523233 or email

Fast Facts - image examples


S. Karger Publsihers Limited is pleased to partner with the MSL training platform “from SCIENCE to PHARMA” who are using Fast Facts titles to support clinical disease training for their (aspirant) MSLs. For more info please visit


Fast Facts – the ultimate medical handbook series

60 titles by 150 world experts



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