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Fast Facts: Renal Disorders, 2nd edn

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Fast Facts: Renal Disorders, 2nd edn

By Jeremy Levy,
Charles Pusey and
Ajay Singh

Published 2013

144 pages

ISBN 978-1-908541-18-5



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Early detection of renal problems coupled with the appropriate therapeutic strategy can radically reduce the progressive nature of, and complications associated with, chronic kidney disease, and in many instances will result in the successful treatment of acute kidney injury. As many patients will not be seen by nephrologists, it is essential that all healthcare professionals, in hospitals and in the community, have an awareness of renal disease – the presenting signs, differential diagnoses, treatment strategies and approach to the management of complications. Fast Facts: Renal Disorders is an easy-to-read, evidence-based guide to renal diseases and disorders for all doctors, nurses and medical students. It includes:

  • A clear explanation of proteinuria, hematuria, electrolyte imbalances and acid–base disorders
  • A concise summary of kidney function tests, imaging techniques and biopsy
  • Important questions for prompt diagnosis of acute kidney injury
  • Management options for chronic kidney disease and its complications
  • Practical guidance on the most common renal problems, including glomerulonephritis, systemic disease, UTIs and kidney stones

Written by three specialists of international repute, Fast Facts: Renal Disorders provides the key information required for the optimal care of renal patients. This fully updated second edition will help healthcare professionals assess, identify, treat and refer patients with renal problems appropriately. Directly applicable to the clinical setting, it is essential reading for all primary care providers, junior hospital doctors, specialist trainees, renal nurses and medical students.

Proteinuria, hematuria and renal investigations; Electrolyte disturbances and acid–base disorders; Acute kidney injury; Chronic kidney disease; Hypertension and diabetic nephropathy; Glomerulonephritis; Systemic disease; Inherited kidney disease; Urinary tract infection; Kidney stones; Urinary tract obstruction and tumors; Renal replacement therapy and transplantation

“A really useful title for all medical students, with the first two chapters being essential reading at the start of clinical training … It has one of the best explanations I've found of electrolyte imbalances, haematuria and proteinuria. Had I read this before it would have made interpreting results a lot easier on the wards.”
Fourth year medical student, Lancaster University, UK

'Very good. An easy read, yet lots of information. Would recommend this book to all med students and nurses.'  Amazon review (5 stars) of 1st edn, October 2010


The authors

Jeremy Levy

MD PhD ILTM FRCP Consultant Nephrologist, Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust, London, UK

Charles Pusey

MB BChir MA MSc FRCP Professor, Renal Section, Division of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, London, UK

Ajay Singh

MD Clinical Director of the Renal Division, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA, USA


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