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Fast Facts: Dementia, 2nd edn

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Fast Facts: Dementia, 2nd edn

By Lawrence J Whalley and
John C S Breitner

Published 2009

116 pages, 18 illustrations

ISBN 978-1-903734-17-9




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The number of people with dementia is expected to quadruple by 2050. Because of its high prevalence and level of associated morbidity, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease in particular, is already an urgent health and economic issue for the developed world, and a rapidly growing threat in developing countries.

This thoroughly updated second edition of Fast Facts: Dementia specifically aims to provide the primary care physician and other members of the healthcare team with the information they need to recognize and evaluate dementia and to provide optimum management and long-term care.

  • Offers a succinct review of the process of brain aging and its relationship to neurodegenerative disease.
  • Reviews the cause, course and treatment of each of the common illnesses that can provoke the dementia syndrome.
  • Enables the clinician to recognize the disease and to appreciate the basic principles of investigation and management.
  • Includes practical steps that the healthcare team can take to improve long-term care of patients and, perhaps, disease prevention


  • Basic neuroscience
  • The aging brain
  • Symptoms, signs and course
  • Neuropsychiatric complications
  • Clinical examination and investigations
  • Principles of care and treatment
  • Pharmacological treatment
  • Epidemiology of the dementing illnesses
  • Hypotheses on the causes of Alzheimer's disease
  • Future treatments
  • Useful resources

'We used the copy of Fast Facts: Dementia in our library for patients. Several patients and family members have accessed this book and all feedback was very positive. They reported that it was succinct, informative and very helpful for them in their understanding of this condition.'
Ian Greaves, Gnosall Surgery, Stafford, UK, January 2013

'Individuals with strong interest in dementia, especially those in the teaching and training sector, will definitely welcome this second edition.' Dr Charles Scerri, General Secretary of the Malta Dementia Society

'This book would be of value to health professionals both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and general physicians as well as general practitioners who need basic knowledge of dementia, as they will increasingly have to deal with these disorders....….It is value for money and I would definitely recommend it'. SAMJ, about first edition 


The authors

Lawrence J Whalley

Professor of Mental Health University of Aberdeen Clinical Research Centre Royal Cornhill Hospital Aberdeen, UK

John C S Breitner

Director, Centre for Studies on Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease, Douglas Mental Health University Institute Research Centre, and Pfizer Chair in Prevention of Dementia, Department of Psychiatry McGill University, Faculty of Medicine Montreal, Québec, Canada


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