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Fast Facts: Myeloma for Patients and Supporters

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Fast Facts: Myeloma for Patients and Supporters

By Karthik Ramasamy

Published 2016

28 pages, 17 illustrations

ISBN 9781910797341



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Information + Taking Control = Best Outcome is the theme running through this short, superbly illustrated workbook, which is designed to help patients equip themselves with the best information about myeloma. Starting with a simple overview of the biology of the disease, this comprehensive resource will also help patients to understand the type of myeloma that they have, the remitting-relapsing nature of the disease, and the signs and symptoms they are likely to experience.

Fast Facts: Myeloma for Patients and their Supporters takes patients through the initial treatment options and their side effects, what to expect if they have stem cell transplantation, and how they will be treated when their symptoms return. The final sections will help patients understand what supportive care options are available to them, and provide an insight into the latest myeloma research, which is progressing on many fronts.

With FastTests to test patients’ understanding of their condition throughout, and plenty of space for patients to write their own notes, this concise, easy-to-read resource will help patients get organized so that they are better equipped to ask the right questions and have more meaningful discussions with their doctors and nurses. Ultimately, it will help them make the best decisions about their care.


  • Information + Taking Control = Best Outcome
  • What is myeloma?
  • Who gets myeloma and why?
  • How is myeloma diagnosed?
  • What type of myeloma do I have?
  • What are the effects of myeloma?
  • What is staging and why is it done?
  • What initial treatment will I receive?
  • Stem cell transplantation
  • Monitoring the effects of therapy
  • Treatment when myeloma returns
  • Supportive care
  • Research to follow and support
  • Useful resources


"The layout and language is very good. It is easy to read, easy to find a section quickly and will be a great adjunct to the library of patient resources. Presenting information in a different way like this gives patients a greater chance of finding a publication that suits them best."
Jo Gardiner, Myeloma Support Nurse, Myeloma Australia

"An excellent publication for both newly diagnosed and existing myeloma patients. It is surprisingly short given the wealth of comprehensive information, and it is in an easily readable format. It will help you understand the condition and have a more meaningful discussion with your haematologist and support team. I cannot recommend it more highly."
Alan Chant, myeloma patient, UK

"This is an excellent patient information source. It offers clear and concise information on the diagnosis of myeloma and the effects that untreated myeloma has on the patient. It also explains various treatments and the management of myeloma."
Anne Marie Kelly, Lead Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, UK

"A very clear explanation of a very complex illness with many treatment oiptions. Beautifully illustrated and written clearly by an internationally recognized authority who contributes much to research in this area."
Professor Karol Sikoro, Dean, University of Buckingham Medical School and leading oncologist

"An excellent, succinct and accurate booklet for patients with myeloma. It is short and to the point. I recommend it highly."
Shaun R. McCann, Professor Emeritus of Haematology and Academic Medicine, St James' Hospital and Trinity College Dublin

"Nice and colourful and broken down into small enough chunks to be accessible. I'm impressed."
Dr David Walker, Consultant Rheumatologist, UK

"While the information is familiar, it is so clearly presented. It really helped to crystallize and clarify the key points – very useful. I'm impressed."
Anne Davies, Myeloma patient, UK



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The author

Karthik Ramasamy

Consultant Haematologist, Churchill Hospital, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, Oxford, UK


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Comments for the authors

Miroslav Hrianka, Slovakia 11 Jan 2017

Excellent up to date patient information source. It is easy to understand and easy to find an answers on questions. Presenting information to patients and their supporters gives a chance of finding points their interest. Comprehensive information and easily readable topics about myeloma for myeloma patients. Brochure offers clear information with illustrated pictures and table of drugs. Enclosed tests are very useful.

Miroslav Hrianka, representative of Patients Club, Slovak Myeloma Society, Slovakia


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