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Fast Facts: Obesity, 2nd edn

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Fast Facts: Obesity, 2nd edn

By David Haslam and
Gary Wittert

Published 2014

144 pages, 19 illustrations

ISBN 978-1-908541-59-8



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“Not to broach the subject of excess weight with a patient is a dereliction of duty as a healthcare professional,” say the authors of Fast Facts: Obesity. “Patients who smoke are rapidly identified for intervention, and the same should be true of anyone who is obese”

Every consultation is an opportunity to educate and encourage patients to pursue better health. Fast Facts: Obesity is packed with practical advice on how best to support patients to improve their nutrition and levels of physical activity, and change their habits, with simple and achievable goals tailored to individual needs and concerns.

This highly readable handbook also provides a comprehensive overview of:

  • the causes and consequences of obesity
  • the latest information on pharmacological and surgical options
  • the issues specific to the management of obesity in children, pregnant women and the elderly.

The authors say: “The opportunity to educate others and exert influence can be leveraged at many levels, even with limited amounts of time.” Reading Fast Facts: Obesity is an excellent starting point for any healthcare professional who wants to understand this major threat to human health and ultimately improve outcomes.


  • Patient assessment
  • Causes and science
  • Cardiometabolic consequences
  • Other consequences
  • Management: diet
  • Management: physical activity
  • Management: behavioral therapy
  • Pharmacological and surgical treatments
  • Children, the elderly and pregnant women
  • Management tools, prevention and advocacy
  • Useful resources
  • The health risks of excess weight figure

Additional free resource

Fast Facts: Obesity - A Global Problem (epidemiology). Read and download for free.


 “… a comprehensive resource in a concise format … It includes useful examples of opening lines to help start conversations about weight and questions to assess patients’ attitudes. The table detailing the medications that cause weight gain and ‘weight-friendly’ alternatives gives us food for thought. The statement on how the metabolic consequences of excess weight may respond to 5–10% of weight loss, reminds us just how important this is … This little book is a useful desktop resource to be read alongside the latest NICE guidance, ideal for those of us working in primary care, but also those in secondary care who are interested in this topic."
Professor Mike Kirby, Trends in Urology & Men's Health, May/June 2015

“This engaging read provides comprehensive yet concise answers to pretty much every question you may have about the ever-increasing issue of obesity and how to help your patients tackle it effectively. … However, the choice between the different types of surgery in different situations may not be as cut and dried as portrayed.” 
Dr Sally Norton, Consultant, Upper GI and Bariatric Surgery, North Bristol NHS Trust, April 2015

"Fast Facts: Obesity is an excellent example of how to present and communicate information effectively. The Consequences chapter is particularly well done, clear and concise."
Professor Richard Barker OBE, Director of CASMI, December 2014

"Our verdict on Fast Facts: Obesity is a definite thumbs up, as it recognises the importance of the messenger as much as the message. It will aid health professionals in raising the often touchy subjects of weight and lifestyle in a sensitive and motivating way, rather than one which may feel critical or demotivating to the patient. In so doing it will support professionals to make every contact count and give them the tools and confidence to address weight issues, rather than avoid them for fear of embarrassment or rejection. It also rightly emphasises behaviour change as a key pillar of successful weight loss. This critical but often overlooked aspect of obesity management underpins any successful attempt to improve diet or increase activity, and we highly recommend reading this handy little primer." 
Kim Roberts, HENRY CEO,
(Health Exercise Nutrition for the Really Young), July 2014
A full review by HENRY can be found here

"If you want a one-stop shop for tackling obesity, guiding patients and remaining positive, then this is the book for you. It is a brilliant concise resource that you will continually dip into for stimulus and support."
Marilyn Eveleigh, Nurse Consultant and Adviser to Nursing in Practice, UK, June 2014

“An excellent resource that I will use with my patients in weight management clinics – I cannot fault it in any way. The graphics are excellent; I think the picture on the back page is brilliant.”
Sister Pam Mount RGN, Practice Nurse, Blythe Practice, West Midlands, UK, June 2014


The authors

David Haslam

Chair, National Obesity Forum; Senior Partner, Watton Place Clinic, Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire; and Physician in Obesity Medicine, Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Luton, UK

Gary Wittert

Mortlock Professor of Medicine and Head, School of Medicine, University of Adelaide; and Senior Consultant Endocrinologist, Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia, Australia


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Comments for the authors

Peter Mason, United Kingdom 08 Dec 2014

Please ask gps to put in all surgeries for a patient centric view of the world, the integrated care act is being implemented in 2015 so all should understand how to live better.


Victor Ramos, Spain 14 Dec 2014

Very good review.


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