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Would you like to read pre-press pages and make comments for our Fast Facts authors’ consideration? Well now is the time! Be you a doctor, nurse, researcher, academic or patient, your suggestions for improvements are invited and, should the authors take them on board, we’ll be sure to send you a complimentary copy on publication with our thanks. Titles in production and open for review are:

• Fast Facts – Schizophrenia, 3rd edn
• Fast Facts – Disorders of the pancreas and biliary tract, 2nd edn.

Contact Emma Craig at for more information.

And out in June ...

Fast Facts: Acne, 2nd edn

Fast Facts: Acne, 2nd edn

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Who’s it for?

Family practitioners, nurse prescribers, pharmacists and dermatology trainees.

What makes it the best of its kind?

It provides a concise overview of the clinical features of acne, reviews available treatments – including their respective modes of action and potential adverse events – and advises on treatment selection with the implicit goal of minimizing the physical and emotional scarring associated with this challenging disease. Given current concerns regarding overprescribing of antibiotics and the problems of antibiotic resistance, this highly readable resource is a timely addition to the Fast Facts series.

What do the reviewers say?

“This easy to navigate gem is packed full of up to date information on how to individualize management for your acne patient … the summaries at the end of each chapter make for great speed reading!”

Dr Jo-Ann See, College Fellow, Australasian College of Dermatologists

“It’s a great go-to resource which presents each section in an easy to read format, perfect for referring back to. … The British Skin Foundation is especially glad to see a section on 'Future trends and areas of need' which details the future research needed in antibiotic resistance.”

The British Skin Foundation

“This is an authoritative, comprehensive and very readable review of best practice from three of the world’s most highly regarded opinions. I strongly recommend it to my colleagues, especially those working in primary care.”

Dr George Moncrieff, Chair, The Dermatology Council for England


New to Succeeding as ...

Discover the qualities Professor Dame Carol Black DBE, Adviser on Health and Work to the Department of Health, says you’ll need to achieve success and do things better. Do you have the 'conviction and stubbornness' in the face of opposition to bring about change?

Professor Dame Carol Black


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