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Fast Facts: Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea
& Vomiting

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Few side effects of cancer treatment are more feared by patients than nausea and vomiting. Failure to control these symptoms on the first day of chemotherapy increases the risk of them occurring on subsequent days and in subsequent cycles of chemotherapy, and can often result in patients refusing further cancer treatment.

Very effective antiemetics are available to prevent this from happening, but do you know how best to use them? Fast Facts: Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting presents the evidence for the clinical agents that can prevent CINV, along with the recommendations for their use in various clinical settings using recently established international guidelines.

Correct administration of prophylactic antiemetics in relation to the emetogenicity of the chemotherapy being given not only improves patients’ quality of life during treatment but also adherence to subsequent cancer treatments, thus improving overall outcomes. This refreshingly readable handbook is therefore a must-read resource for all health professionals in a position to make this kind of a difference.


• Definitions and pathophysiology

• Types of CINV and risk factors

• Antiemetic agents

• Prevention and management of acute and delayed CINV

• Treatment of breakthrough, refractory and anticipatory CINV

• Prevention and treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea

• Barriers and opportunities in CINV management


Fast Facts: Smoking Cessation, 3rd edn

"It is surprising there are not more books like this ... it proffers a starter kit and essential guide for all healthcare providers aiming to help their patients end tobacco dependence.” Dr Ong Kian Chung, President, COPD Association, Singapore

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Cigarette smoking is one of the most significant preventable causes of death and illness in the world. Given the wide-ranging effects smoking has on many disease processes, it is essential that clinicians understand:

• the short- and long-term effects of smoking on the body
• the benefits of smoking cessation
• why smokers find it difficult to stop
• the role of clinicians in promoting and supporting smoking cessation
• the treatments available to help smokers overcome their addiction.

Fast Facts: Smoking Cessation meets these needs: here, in one place, you will find all the information you need on smoking, tobacco addiction and how best to treat the addiction.

Ultimately, the best reason for reading this book is to help your patients who smoke to change their behavior for the better and sustainably. Every GP and support clinic will benefit from this edition, filled with tips, advice and treatment aids for the clinical team.


• Cigarettes as a nicotine delivery system
• Smoking patterns
• Social, psychological and economic influences on smoking
• Effects of smoking and smoking cessation
• Addiction to cigarettes
• The clinician and smoking
• Treatments to aid smoking cessation
• Future trends


"It should be the text for all courses in tobacco treatment and an ‘on-hand’ guide for clinical practitioners.”
Professor Renee Bittoun, President, Australian Association of Smoking Cessation Professionals

"While brief in nature, the text provides the detail any clinician will need on a daily basis to assist patients in improving health with respect to tobacco-use disorders.”
Dr Stuart Gitlow, President, American Society of Addiction Medicine

“This is a very informative book relevant to all health professionals, an easy read with key point summaries and references.”
The Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists

“a quick and brilliant overview of the health risks and psychosocial aspects of smoking”
Professor Charlotta H Pisinger, Research Center for Prevention and Health

"This is, quite simply, a terrific little book. Written by two highly respected figures in the field, it is a font of evidence-based wisdom. It should be on the bookshelves of every health professional who counsels smoking cessation". MJA


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