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Fast Facts: Obesity, 2e


Review of Fast Facts: Obesity, 2nd edition

by Dr Ben Green, President of the UK Medical Students’ Association (UKMSA)

Fast Facts’ latest book, 'Obesity', is both timely and poignant, providing a medicalised overview of a condition that is all too often disregarded as merely being a ‘lifestyle issue’.

Overall, the book is well written with succinct summaries of contemporary knowledge, supported throughout by an evidence-based approach that will encourage doctors to modify their assessment and management of patients, in line with currentbest practice. The depth of information achieved in such a short text is refreshing and, along with clear and supportive diagrams throughout, will help to ensure that the book remains accessible to doctors of all grades, as well as the expert patient.

Ask a doctor which subject he’d be least willing to broach with a patient, and you’d surely find obesity as a common response. Fast Facts not only acknowledge this but actively encourage discussion of this potentially difficult subject, helpfully suggesting both appropriate and sensitive ways in which obesity counselling and management can be incorporated into the patient-doctor consultation.

Of particular delight are the additional gems of information that are routinely included in Fast Facts texts. For example, the section on 'Night Eating Syndrome' provided a chance to learn more about a fascinating, yet under-recognised, condition: it is these little extras and the attention to detail that is set to ensure that both doctors and patients alike come to recognise Fast Facts as a uniquely informative resource.

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Fast Facts: Psoriasis, 4e Fast Facts: Lymphoma
What makes it the best book of its kind?
With lots of practical information for the busy practitioner, it embraces the full spectrum of the disease including psoriatic arthritis, and the comorbid conditions that are often overlooked, as well as all current and emerging therapeutic agents for this increasingly treatable disease.

Who is it for?
The whole primary care team, trainee dermatologists, and established dermatologists and rheumatologists who need a quick refresher.

“This book reflects well the WHO’s current view of psoriasis as a chronic inflammatory condition with close links to the metabolic condition and a number of comorbidities. It will be of great benefit in passing on new knowledge of psoriasis to health professionals, administrators and patient representatives around the world.”
Lars Ettarp, President, International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA)
What makes it the best book of its kind?
It provides a clear understanding of the nature of lymphoma in a format that is unique – there’s nothing else like it on the market.

Who is it for?
Hematology and oncology trainees and SHOs in the UK and Europe, and other health professionals, e.g. specialist nurses, in the USA. Also, the inquiring patient or caregiver who wishes to know more about lymphoma.

"A very accessible summary of the key facts about lymphoma, presented in clear language with straightforward explanations."
Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research UK


Succeeding as ...

Neurosurgeon Mr Henry Marsh, who says: "Other people are usually better at identifying our mistakes than we are, so having good colleagues with whom one can openly discuss problems is of immense importance." Read Mr Marsh's secrets of success, alongside those of other leading lights in medicine, and be inspired.

Neuorsurgeon Mr Henry Marsh, CBE, keeps bees and makes furniture in his spare time

Neuorsurgeon Mr Henry Marsh, CBE, keeps bees and makes furniture in his spare time.


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