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Fast Facts: Hypertension, 5th edn

Fast Facts: Hypertension, 5th edn

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"An important and significant contribution to, and resource for, the field. The information presented is spot on and highly accurate. Hypertension remains a global crisis and having a high-quality factual guide such as this establishes a platform for implementing simple yet impactful evidence-based guidelines in primary care." The World Hypertension League

Hypertension is the biggest cause of death and disability in the world, yet it remains underdiagnosed, undertreated and, in many cases, poorly controlled. As in the previous edition, Fast Facts: Hypertension advises on:

  • accurate measurement of blood pressure and problems such as 'white-coat' hypertension
  • routine assessments for people with high blood pressure
  • other modifiable risk factors (smoking, high cholesterol levels etc.)
  • non-pharmacological measures (reducing salt, losing weight, increasing physical activity etc.)
  • rational and effective use of all drug treatments
  • identification of people with secondary hypertension
  • treatment of children, pregnant women, the elderly and patients with diabetes.

Updates in this new edition include:

  • distinguishing between patients with primary (low renin) and secondary aldosteronism
  • greater use of home BP measurement in clinical decision-making
  • the latest thinking on BP treatment thresholds
  • new guidance on fourth-line therapy for resistant hypertension

Sometimes dubbed 'the silent killer', hypertension rarely produces symptoms until it manifests as a heart attack or stroke, so early identification of the condition and appropriate management are vital. This practical readable refresher for every-day use supports better investigation and treatment of high blood pressure by primary care providers and better self-management by patients.


  • The dangers of raised blood pressure
  • Causes
  • Investigation
  • When to treat
  • How to treat
  • Special patient groups
  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • Useful resources


Fast Facts: Acne, 2nd edn

Fast Facts: Schizophrenia book cover

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“This easy-to-navigate gem is packed full of up-to-date information on how to individualize management for your acne patient … the summaries at the end of each chapter make for great speed reading!”
 Dr Jo-Ann See, College Fellow, Australasian College of Dermatologists 

While the diagnosis of acne is rarely a problem, the many treatment options available can pose a challenge to the prescribing clinician, particularly given current concerns about overprescribing of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. This fully updated edition of Fast Facts: Acne provides:

  • frequently asked questions and how to answer them
  • guidance on assessing acne severity
  • a comprehensive overview of all treatment options, including modes of action and adverse effects
  • advice on treatment selection and antibiotic use
  • referral guidelines.

This practical resource cuts to the chase, providing the essentials for successful management of acne and responsible prescribing. Early effective treatment will reduce the risk of scarring, and for this reason alone Fast Facts: Acne is a must read for all family physicians, prescribing nurses, pharmacists and dermatology trainees.


  • Epidemiology
  • Pathophysiology, etiology and modifying factors
  • Diagnosis
  • Psychosocial aspects
  • Topical therapy
  • Oral therapy
  • Physical treatments for acne and scarring
  • Acne care pathway
  • Future trends and areas of need
  • Useful resources

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