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Fast Facts: Chronic and Cancer Pain, 3rd edn

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Fast Facts: Chronic and Cancer Pain, 3rd edn

By Michael J Cousins and
Rollin M Gallagher

Published 2015

184 pages, 28 illustrations

ISBN 978-1-908541-91-8



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All health professionals, regardless of specialty, will care for patients with pain that has persisted for more than 6 months. Fast Facts: Chronic and Cancer Pain distils a large amount of pain-related evidence into a highly accessible overview of a variety of chronic pain syndromes. Its practical format is aimed to bring busy health professionals – most of whom are well aware that they have experienced little or no pain management education or training – up to speed with the latest information on chronic and cancer pain.

With health services around the world responding to calls to improve the management of painful long-term conditions, develop preventive and cost-effective solutions, and respond to patient choice and voice, this easy-to-read fact-packed book is a timely resource that provides a concise introduction to the complex and extensive field of chronic pain. It is essential reading for all GPs, nurses, junior hospital doctors, physical therapists, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, medical specialists and medical students wanting – and needing – to know more.


Definitions and mechanisms
Assessment of pain
Treatment options
Trigeminal neuralgia
Complex regional pain syndrome
Diabetic and postherpetic neuropathic pain
Central pain
Persistent postsurgical pain
Cancer pain
Musculoskeletal pain
Visceral pain
Acknowledgments and useful resources


“Pain is complicated. [This] is a compact, succinct and practical book covering the essentials of assessing and managing pain. The two authors are well-respected in their fields, and their clear and authoritative approach will guide practitioners in their efforts to help those who experience pain arising from the many different mechanisms covered in this third edition. Importantly, this book provides a very balanced view of the major management options for chronic and cancer pain, particularly addressing the need to not only administer medications or procedures, but critically important, address the concerns and impact of experiencing pain from a biopsychosocial perspective. This book will be a positive addition to any practitioner's bookshelf.”
Dr Bronwyn Thompson, Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Otago

“A well-structured book that makes understanding the pain management in cancer easy to handle. The precision and clear explanations make this a phenomenal read for medical students whom are passionate about the discipline, as well as for interns who are looking to consolidate their knowledge. Not only is the book comprehensive, revision is made easier with the 'Key Points' section at the end of every chapter. Needless to say, I would personally recommend this to any budding medical student with a passion in chronic cancer pain!”
Sam Ng, Treasurer, New South Wales Medical Students’ Council

“Succinct, clear, and current - this book fulfills its authors' stated intent to be a timely resource that provides a concise introduction to the complex and extensive field of chronic pain for all health professionals wanting - and needing - to know more."
Dr Will Howard, Editor of the Australian Pain Society newsletter

"This handbook has exceeded expectations of a student with basic background in oncology. Its content is rich and worthy of every student’s and young doctor’s consideration. The book covers a wide range of topics, starting from pathophysiology to up– to–date criteria for diagnostics. We appreciated the special focus and easily understandable presentation of modern pain management. Moreover, every chapter finishes with most important Key Points which can be used for fast revision. We recommend this book as a stand-alone guide and also a great comprehensive book at wards!"
Jorune Suipyte, Medical Science Director, European Medical Students' Association

“The approach taken by Cousins and Gallagher is at the same time pragmatic and easy to understand; a useful tool for anyone caring for persons with chronic and cancer pain.”
Dr Patricia Bruckenthal, Immediate Past President, American Society for Pain Management and Nursing

“This book would definitely invite me to look for other titles in the Fast Facts series. Its strengths are its layout, content and organization/clear presentation of content. Its clean, colour-coded presentation is also appealing and ‘organized’ which is very important to intended readers who do not have excessive time to read texts. The main accomplishment is tackling and breaking down a subject which may be a source of challenge to most GPs. It makes the theory and practice of pain management feel far more manageable. I think this is a great book with a clear intended readership and the ‘product’ is very much ‘fit for purpose’.“
First Prize, Neurology, BMA Book Awards


The authors

Michael J Cousins

AM MD FFPMANZCAHead of Anaesthesia and Pain Management, Department of Anaesthesia, Royal North Shore Hospital, University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Rollin M Gallagher

MD MPH DABPM FAAPM FAPA Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Anesthesiology and Director for Pain Policy Research and Primary Care, Penn Pain Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

Professor Gallagher donates all royalties for his work on this title to Audubon


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Comments for the authors

mahungu mangala, South Africa 16 Dec 2015

This is very informative


Majid shahshahani , Iran, Islamic Republic of 16 Dec 2015

Excellent job


Friedrich Schäffner, Germany 16 Dec 2015

nice idea


Prof B Gul, Pakistan 17 Dec 2015

I found EAU the best among the best. I hope that it'll continue its jobs for betterment of mankind.


niculae popescu, Romania 20 Dec 2015

very good


Ersagun K, Turkey 11 Jan 2016



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